Who We Are

We Are Exporter and Supplier Of Natural and Tumbled Pebbles

Top End Exports is offering an exquisite range of Quality Natural Pebbles as well as Tumbled Pebbles to its valuable customers. We wholesale and supply almost every pebble stone available in India. We are exporting Natural Pebbles, Landscaping Pebbles, Rock Pebbles, Pond Stones, Snow White Quartzite, Polished Pebbles, Wet Pebbles, Granite Pebbles, Marble Pebbles, Onyx Pebbles, Aquarium chips, Color Pebbles, White river pebbles, Agate Pebbles etc for Garden and other decoration purposes.

Pebbles are small roundish stones which could be either machine tumbled or natural. Pebbles are used as decorative and come in various colors and sizes.

Pathways, ponds, fountains, aquarium and natural ornamental jewelry are the most commonly found areas where these natural stones are used. These stones boost the beauty of the homes, offices, clubs, hotels and lawns.

Pebble stone is available in Dry and Wet tumbled finishes. The finished surface varies as dry tumbling provides the pebbles a polished and smooth finish in comparison to the wet tumbled stones.

Quality Control

Top End Exports Team keep eye on every step from selection to final packing; it also involves testing of units and determining if they are within the specifications for the final product.

Regular Update

We keep our client updated with status of order. Client can examine quality online. Updates include pictures of processing, final packing and container stuffing.

Optimum Price

We constantly work towards making you more competitive on the market you operate in by supplying you with the best possible pricing on time delivery

Wide Range

Top End Exports supplies a wide range of natural and tumbled pebbles as we have good chain of suppliers and have a sound knowledge of quarries all over India.

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The definition of a stunning life is right fitness, prosperity, harmony, peace and love. Another definition of existence is the situations that prevent one from dwelling a stunning life, making it stressful, difficult and loaded with ill-health. Tumbled crystals, tumbled rocks can modify your existence to a beautiful lifestyles as crystal and rocks do posses…

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