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Stones in India

India has a wide range of dimensional stones that incorporate stone, marble, sandstone, limestone, slate, and quartzite, spread out everywhere throughout the nation. India is likewise among the biggest maker of crude stone material and the part is very created and dynamic in the South, and in addition in Rajasthan and Gujarat, with a devoted…

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Traditions associated with Stones

India’s long history, going over to 3200 BC has been impacted significantly by the mien, advancement and utilization of stones and other development materials. Measurement stones have likewise left profound engravings on the design legacy of the nation. Countless sanctuaries, strongholds and castles of Ancient Indian Civilisation have been cut out of generally accessible stones.…

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Rajasthan Sandstone

Rajasthan being the biggest producer is a paramount sandstone producing state of India. It is an amazing building stone. This can be etched and dressed to a smooth surface in different alluring shapes. The sandstone has a verity of employments, for example, material, ground surface, clearing, paneling, pillars, columns, curves, entryways and window ledges, divider confronting,…

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Art & Design

Natural Stones beautify external surfaces of Residences

Breathtaking looks checked with immaculate cutting of natural stones. Homes have an enthusiastic essentialness to the individual. Individual’s adoration to beautify it with distinctive materials like stones, wood and paints. Common stones assume a paramount part in bridling home outer surfaces. We talk about diverse stones in this article. Our methodology is to familiarize you…

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